Predictive data preparation

Machine learning to improve data quality
Big-Data powered by Hadoop

Data preparation for everyone

Working with data should be easy and intuitive. With Datachili, users can explore, organize, collaborate, transform, join and combine data with ease, no matter the size or type of data.

Fast & Easy

Exploring, organizing, transforming, joining and combining data made easy.

Higher Quality Data

Predictive recommendations result in higher quality data compared to manual work.

Team Oriented

Collaborate and prepare data in real-time with team members.


Datachili is built with ease of use in mind. No programming knowledge is required.
  • Predictive recommendations to transform data
  • Join datasets with ease
  • Combine multiple datasets
  • Compare different data snapshots
  • Numerous data sources supported
  • Big-Data processing with Hadoop
  • Real-time collaboration with teammates
  • Automation using our API

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